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Massacre in CHT
 CHT people at UNPO
Parbatya Buddha Mission
Indigenous & Minority Children
Peace Campaign Group
LCG Sub-Group in CHT
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CHT People & Culture
UPDF Party
Parbatya Chattagram Jana-Samhati Samiti
The Jumma Nation
The BAWM People
The Mru People
The Kuki People
Call for Justice: Amnesty International
Jumma Egroup

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Let us work to end the atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh. Help us bring to light the plights of CHT and other indigenous people of Bangladesh. Write to us with investigative reports at .

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Photo Album   Jumma People's Network
Articles   Mahalchari Massacre
The Genocide in Chittagong Hill Tract
Picture (Courtesy PCG):
The true face of never ending hatred and intolerance. The decade old agony and plights indigenous people of Chittagong Hill Tract
Special Reports
Urgent Actions from The Forest Peoples Programme
Amnesty International Report
UNPO Report on CHT
Elusive Peace in CHT: HRDC
CHT Treaty of 1997
Bangkok Declaration
IDP Project: Internal Displacement in Bangladesh
CERD Observation
UN Draft declaration on CHT
Jumma Nation Document
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