Massacre of minorities in Banskhali, Bangladesh

News: 11 member including 7 women and an infant of a minority family roasted alive.

HRCBM's Press Release: 
Bangladesh: A Case of Silent Genocide of the Minorities- Bring the Culprits to Justice, Ensure Safety and Security of Religious, Ethnic and Tribal Minorities.

In pictures & words

Picture: The destroyed homestead with burnt bodies (left). A hapless Hindu (right).

Picture (courtesy Daily Sangbad): Those who burnt alive from left: Babuti Shil (during her marriage), Ani Shil, Prashadi Shil, Rumi Shil (child), Rani Shil, Bakul Shil and Tajendra Shil.

An appeal from the surviving member of the ill-fated family submitted before HRCBM. 

Translated from Bengali:

I the undersigned Bimal Kanti Shil, father late Tajendra Lal Shil, Village: South Sadanpur, P.O. Sadanpur, P.S. Banskhali, Dist: Chittagong, Bangladesh .. do hereby state that a gang of 25-30 terrorists failed to broke into my house set the homestead on fire at 1:00 midnight on 17th November.
During that time the following members of my family were inside the house:
1) Tajendra Lal Shil
2) Bakul Shil (60)
3) Anil Shil (42)
4) Smriti Shil (30)
5) Rumi Shil (11)
6) Sonia Shil (7)
7) Kertik Shil (4 days) -Infant
8) Babuti Shil (25)
9) Prashadi Shil (17)
10) Any Shil (15)
11) Debenra Lal Shil (75)

My entire family and relatives were ruthlessly roasted alive in which flammable substances were used. This bloodbath was preplanned and I want unbiased justice in this regards. I have witnessed the whole barbaric massacre. 
I have survived jumping out of the ablaze house. I am now under treatment at Mamoni hospital at Chittagong. HRCBM leader Rabindra Ghosh has visited my house and me in the hospital. He also promised for assistance.
I am feeling completely insecure here. I am hapless.
I want to live and do hereby appeal for your help in procuring justice.

(Signed by: Bimal Kanti Shil dated 11/21/03)