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An Urgent Appeal:
Give us a helping hand to help flood victims in

Winter Disaster Relief

HRCBM's Disaster Relief Services for Flood Victims, 2004

Dear Friends,

A catastrophe looms over Bangladesh, having half of the country under water this could become one of the world’s largest disaster.
The aftermath of the flood could be much more devastating as well. Cholera and other form of waterborne diseases are spreading through out and it will get worst unless precaution is taken. With poverty at one end and the disease on the other, the poor millions are struggling to survive.
There is no sign of relief, rivers are swelling up and the rainy weather continues to pour in.

Hence, HRCBM would like to take this opportunity to appeal before International community to donate water purifier tablets, cloths and other materials to help the victims.

Please help us anyway you can, sent your financial and material donation directly to HRCBM-Dhaka.

At the following address:


18, Azimpur Super Market, Ist Floor, Pilkhana Road, Lalbagh PS, Dhaka, Bangladlesh

 Only financial contribution will be accepted at USA in the following address:

P.O. Box 5493
Santa Clara, CA 95056, USA

 Your donation in this regards is tax deductible in USA.

 Do not wait, Donate Now,
We urgently need your help. Please stand with us in this day of need.
Help save millions in Bangladesh

You can also donate online, just double click on the icon below:




Dhiman Deb Chowdhury