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Visit Human Rights Council for Bangladesh Minority to sign the petition and show your solidarity for Hindus in Bangladesh.

Picture Gallery from demonstrations  in Dallas, TX. Click here

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Demonstrations in Dallas, TX (Video)Click here

FOX News coverage on demonstrations which has been broadcasted on Oct. 27, 2001 (Video)

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Nearly 200,000 Hindu and Other Religious Minorities in Bangladesh Terrorized by the Bangladeshi Government and Islamic Fundamentalists. According to several new reports, Islamic fundamentalist forces are abducting Hindu girls from their homes and gang rapping them often in front of their parents, burning their homes, looting their belongings, and causing inhumane physical tortures.

Expatriate Bangladeshi gathered in downtown Dallas to protest against the atrocities on Hindu and other minorities in Bangladesh. Dozens of protestors accused the Govt. of Bangladesh for their in-action to protect the minorities. Read the Press Release.

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