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Sufferer of passionate pain

Sponsor a destitute family

Bless a life with $1.00 a day
Act Now

Be an angel and make the difference in the life of a destitute. Your $1.00 (maximum) a day will bless a life. Share the pain of the victims of heinous crime. Give her the blessings of life. Take her as your sister. Provide education and bear all her expenses.

You do not need an organization in the middle to do so. We will introduce the family or victim and you decide, whether or not to sponsor. All you need to do is promise us that you are serious about your intention to bless a life. Once introduced, you deal with the ongoing correspondence directly and we will monitor it for a year or so until the victim becomes emotionally stable.

Are you interested? If so, take a moment to decide it carefully, talk with your family member and let us know. If you have firmly decide to proceede in this matter, please email us at and become an angel.

Your email must be authenticated and should include a few details about you.

    Thanks for your kind support
      HRCBM Staff
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