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Latest News
HRCBM's Seminar: Vested Property Act & Debottor Property: The Constitutional Rights of Bangladesh Minorities
Fresh Land Grabbing and Bengali Settlement Programme continued in CHT
An Exhibition on the life of Bangladesh Minorities titled 'Asru (Tears)'
Press Release: HRCBM files Writ Petition at Calcutta High Court for Refugee Status of Bangladesh Minorities
JCD Attack on Minority Community in Bangladesh
10,000 Hindus fear eviction in Mirpur, Bangladesh
With Intent To Destroy: A research report on gang rape of minority women: GHRD
Acid Burnt victim sought HRCBM's help: Police threatens not to intervene
Asru (tears): An Exhibition on Minority Girls of Bangladesh
Indigenous women raped in Naogaon, Bangladesh: HRCBM's Investigative Report
The Killing Fields of Chittagong Hilltract: 1992 Massacre of Indigenous People by Army: A Video Report
Video Report: Genocide of Indigenous People at CHT,Bangladesh
Alert: Islamists set fire on minority houses at Baniachang, Habiganj, Bangladesh
HRCBM Press Release: Fundamentalism in Bangladesh Must Be Prohibited, Secularism Must be Restored, and Neutrality of the Caretaker Government Must the Established
Bangladesh on the Boil: A Video report
Lawless law-enforcement & the parody of Judiciary in Bangladesh: A special report from AHRC
HRCBM's Litigation: High Court Ordered rule Nisi on government: HRCBM Report
HRCBM's Litigation: High Court asks govt to explain why victims shouldn't be compensated: The Daily Star Report
HRCBM's Litigation against Government of Bangladesh: writ peition is available for download
HRCBM filed writ against Government of Bangladesh: Minority Repression
JMB chief Abdur Rahman pinned down: The Daily Star News
Bangladesh Islamist leader held in India - reports: REUTERS
Islamists Pose a Growing Threat to Stability in Bangladesh: The Jamestown Foundation
Urgent Action called: Minorities at Chandrapur village in Kasba, Brahmanbari, Bangladesh is under organized attacks
HRCBM's Bengali Publication "Odhikar"
BNP Lawmaker beats minority student: The Daily Star News
Famine strikes at Shunaqulir Char: Mother and Daughter go on hungry for days
Hindu Priest murdered at Narsingdi, Bangladesh: HRCBM-Dhaka
10,000 incidents of minority repression in Bangladesh since 2001: ANI
Islamic Militants threatens to cut off hands if Bible schools are not closed in Bangladesh: CFI
‘Stop violence against indigenous people’: Daily Star News
BANGLADESH: Journalists targeted in rising tide of Muslim extremism: Asia Media
Bangladesh Militants threaten journos, renew vow for Islamic rule
Bangladesh: Christians worried by rising Islamic fundamentalism
Rights group seeks protection for Hindus in Bangladesh: The Hindu
16 US Lawmakers Write to Rice: Ask Bush to raise Dhaka's political violence at UN World Summit
Application of ICT: HRCBM's presentation at the UN DPI/NGO conference
Bangladesh Human rights defenders under attack: Amnesty International
The Threat of Islamic Extremism to Bangladesh: PINR
Inside The Militant Groups-3: Extremists get trained in armed combat: The Daily Star
Bangladesh's political bombshell: Asia Times
Inside the Militant Groups-2: Foreign funding, local business keep them going: The Daily Star News
Inside Militant groups-1: Trained in foreign lands, they spread inland: The Daily Star News
300 blasts in 63 districts in 30 minutes: The Daily Star News
Bombs explode across Bangladesh: BBC Report
Leaflets ridicule democracy, ask for Islamic rule: The Daily Star News
Sign Petition- Bangladesh: Attack on Human Rights Defender Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and Professor Asok Taru Saha, HRCBM-Dhaka, Bangladesh
Urgent Action Called: HRCBM representatives are attacked on return after "Ahmadiyya" investigation
Bangladesh treatment of minorities sparks spat in Britain
Bangladesh:Speaking out makes you target, human rights defenders and journalists at risk: FIDH Report
Bangladesh’s drift into chaos: Daily Times
Islamic Militant nabbed at Rajshahi camp: The Daily Star News
Conference on Bangladesh Minority issues: CAAMB
A statement by Jumma People: JPJN
HRCBM's video presentation in collaboration with Hindu Council UK: Presentation before House of Commons
Violation of Linguistic and Cultural Rights of Minorities of Bangladesh: Presentation before UN Commission on Human Rights
17 more minority families are displaced at Dinajpur: Daily Star Report
Land gabbing inequality still haunt Indigenous People: Daily Star Report
A Glimpse of minority situation in Bangladesh: Report BHBCUC
Religious minorities under pressure: The Daily star News
HRCBM proposes ICT for Mental Health: Forum Discusses Media’s Impact on Mental Health
A CRY IN THE WILDERNESS: Poor Bangladeshi entrants are rather different from extremists
7 indigenous people abducted
Forced displacement of minority: Hindu family land grabbed
Govt not sincere about CHT treaty, says Larma
Indigenous people protest against land acquiring
Dhaka Lambasted on donors: Donors can leave if they can't adjust to our policy
Investigative Report: A Minority Family is displaced in Dhaka
Donors warned not to interfere: Militancy denied: The Daily star News
Minority "Baby looters" accuser in court: BBC
Minority Girl lynched to death ta Sreenagar, Munshiganj: A HRCBM Report
Houses Abalzed: Ruling Party cadres unleash terror in Pirghacha, Rangpur: six families displaced
Alert: Hundreds displaced: Islamic Militants unleash terrors on minorities at Nowagaon, Bangladesh
Alert: Urgent Action called: Help protect minorities in Bangladesh
Minority Feels Heat After Grenade Attack: The Bangladesh Observer
Press Release: HRCBM strongly condemns henious attacks on opposition party
Bomb Blast Rock Bangladesh: In Pictures
Minority girl gang raped in Perojpur, Bangladesh: Investigative Report
GENOCIDAL CRIMES IN CHT: Action Alert calling for International Attention to the CHT Issue
HRCBM's disaster Relief in pictures: Help us do more for flood victims in Bangladesh
Alert: Urgent humanitarian appeal for flood victims in Bangladesh
Housewives of minority families raped en masse in Bangladesh: Mukto-Mona
Minority Girl gang raped in Rupganj, Bangladesh -A HRCBM special report
On the Brink of Extinction- The Munda Tribe: A HRCBM special report
Investigative Report: Minority leader killed in Khulna, Bangladesh
Bangladesh: Alarming rise of rape against minority women and girls
Bangladesh: OMCT expresses concern on government's action against Proshika and HRCBM
Bangladesh: HRCBM strongly protests the acts of libel against the organization by the Minister of Industries, Bangladesh, and by the Daily Inquilab
Rampage and attacks have tormented and displaced hundreds of minority families at villages of Kalia Norail: An investigative report from HRCBM
LiveMarch Called: Bangladesh Government is urged to ratify International Criminal Court
Bangladesh: The Ahmadiyya Community - their rights must be protected: Amnesty International
Press Release: CLEANSING OF ETHNO-RELIGIOUS MINORITIES MUST BE STOPPED: Dalit and Indigenous communities are at the brink of annihilation
Urgent Action called: Protect the Life and Properties of HRCBM rights advocates and allow its work unhindered in Bangladesh
Minority house set on fire to kill the inmates at Mahisar village, P.S. Bedarganj, Dist. Shariatpur: HRCBM report (complete report)
Minority house set on fire to kill the inmates at Mahisar village, P.S. Bedarganj, Dist. Shariatpur: HRCBM report (as it happening)
Brutal gang rape of Minority women at Motbaria, family held hostage: A HRCBM investigative report
Press Release: HRCBM strongly condemns attack on its Bangladesh office and urges the government of Bangladesh to respect rule of law
State Of Disgrace: The Time Asia
A woman's struggle, on behalf of Bangladesh: The Globe
Urgent: Video Investigative Report: A Village under siege
International Religious Freedom Report 2003:US State Department
HRCBM COMMEMORATES Martyrs Day: International Mother Language Day
HRCBM's Investigative Report: Brutal Gang Rape and looting at Kishoreganj, Bangladesh
HRCBM's Investigative Report: Rape, burning of homestead alleged at Pakundia, Bangladesh
The brutal murder of a journalist and minority elite: Special Bulletin
Hindu temple, houses torched: The Daily Star News
Killing of a noted Journalist:Elimination of minority elite in BD continues: Dr. Ajoy Roy
A prominent journalist in the south western Bangladeshi town of Khulna is killed in a bomb blast:BBC
HRCBM's monthly newsletter is published: Reports of minority oppression abundance
Fear stalks Garos in forest homes: The Daily Star News report
Garos issue ultimatum to cancel Modhupur eco-park scheme: The Daily Star News report
A Massacre waiting to happen in Nowabganj, Bangladesh: Terrorist & Police nexus: HRCBM Preliminary report
Bangladesh may be emerging terrorist nexus, CSIS report warns: Canadian Press
Massacre at Banskhali, Bangladesh: In pictures and words: HRCBM Report
ALERT: More than 500,000 people may be internally displaced in Bangladesh due to conflict over land and religious persecution: IDP
CHT at standstill as violence marks accord anniversary: The Daily Star News
PCJSS siege today for CHT accord execution: The Daily Star News
Bangladesh: A Case of Silent Genocide of the Minorities- Bring the Culprits to Justice, Ensure Safety and Security of Religious, Ethnic and Tribal Minorities: HRCBM Press Release
11 of members including women and children of a minority family roasted alive in Banshkhali, Bangladesh: News Report
URGENT ACTION ALERT: Bangladesh: Grave Concern on Harkat-E-Islam Al-Jihad’s Ultimatum “Convert to Islam in 7-Days or Face Death”, Brutal Killing, Abduction, Gang Rape, Eviction and Attack on Temples
Bangladesh: Militants threaten minority to convert to Islam or face dire consequence
PART_II: A destitute minority woman is unlawfully evicted from her own homestead, Government officials involved: Investigative Report
A destitute minority woman is unlawfully evicted from her own homestead, Government officials involved: Investigative Report
Police gang rape minority women: An Investigative Report
Vandals raid temple, set Shiva's image on fire:The Daily Star News
Urgent Action Alert: Bangladesh: Grave Concern on Violation of Human Rights and Freedom
Land Grabber demolished Temple and occupied Deity’s Property at Sonargaon PS, Narayanganj: An investigative report
Press Release: OMCT expresses concern at violence against girls and the juvenile justice system in Bangladesh
Tribal housewife lynched to death after gang rape at Ranishankail, Bangladesh
Hill people’s tale of woe: The Independent
Arbitrary Detention and an appeal from HRCBM to help destitute minority families of Dhamrai, Bangladesh
Eight minority families of Dhananjoy village living in a sense of insecurity: National Newspapers
DIG of police warns HRCBM members to abandon humanitarian work and stop helping minority victims of crime
Press Release: HRCBM renews its appeal to Government of Bangladesh to protect minority leaders
Brutal Gang Rape of Minority girls belonging to indigenous community: A HRCBM report
Life wiped out of Shova's eyes in highlands of lost hope: The Daily Star report
Minorities are forced to pay Zizia Tax (a tax impose on non-Muslims to live in Bangladesh) at Nowabganj: HRCBM reports
27 members of minority community held at Satkhira border: reports from leading bangladesh dailies
Ethnic villagers live under spectre of fear: The Dailystar news
Ration stopped for indigenous CHT refugees: The Dailystar news
Hill tracts turn volatile: The Dailystar news
9 minority women gang raped in Chittagong, Bangladesh: The Dailystar news
Terror in Bangladesh: The Washington Times
3 Hindu women raped as robbers loot houses: Dailystar News
Bangladesh: Discrimination and Displacement of Religious Minorities: Refugees International
Two Minority women burned alive in Bangladesh: Daily Star News
Blind faith: Unrelenting persecution of the religious and ethnic minorities in Bangladesh: Hindustan Times
The status of indigenous & minority children in Bangladesh:Asian Indigenous & Tribal Peoples Network
Research Document:Human Rights Violations under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
Rape and torture empties the villages: The Guardian
Britain ignores Bangladeshi persecution: The Guardian
HRCBM Report: Bangladesh: Christian House attacked, looted and razed: 30 Severely wounded
Press Release: HRCBM renews its appeal to Government of Bangladesh in the World Day of International Justice
Christian family at Boraigram, Bangladesh under attack : 4 Severely wounded
A petition from Mukto-mona: Save the Minorities from peril and let live with equal rights
Global Human Rights Defence addresses alarming human rights situation of Bangladesh minorities in Europe
A Very Dirty Plot: Time Magazine Report
How do we treat our minorities?: Daily Star Editorial
Police officer instigated violence against minority: Daily Star News
A letter from victim of brutality: HRCBM
Dateline Bangladesh: A report from Daily Prothom-Alo
Attacks on minorities at Mirzapur, Bangladesh: Three including a pragnent women seriously wounded: An investigative report
Gruesome attacks on minorities at Gazipur, Bangladesh: An investigative report
Gang Rape, Murder: Atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh continues: HR Tribune
Bangladesh: Stop Barbaric Atrocities Against Minorities in Bangladesh: Petition called
Bangladesh: BNP (ruling party)THUG GANG RAPE MINORITY WOMEN (Garment worker)
HRCBM strongly condemned the murder and gang rape incident of Bagerhat: Daily Observer
Hindu Farmer killed, wife, two others gang raped in Bagerhat: Daily Janakantha
Temple blown in bomb blast: Daily Star News
Euro parliament team blasts indemnity law: Daily Star News
Police play a 'mysterious' role over Islamic militant: Daily Star News
HRCBM COMMEMORATES EKUSHE: Shaheed Dibas: International Mother Language Day
Bangladeshis flock to 'weeping Virgin': BBC
Islamic militants planned to bomb concert: Daily Star News
Four on death row for killing Muhuri: Daily Star News
The Main Criminal Involved in Planning the Murder of Principal Muhur apprehended: Vorer Kagoj
HRCBM's relief work for winter victims continues at Northern Bangladesh: Report from HRCBM
Bangla soft-target Hindu families fade out: The Telegraph
Purnima (a victim of religious persecution) inaugurates HRCBM's relief work for winter victims: Report from HRCBM
‘It is a war against the Hindus in Bangladesh’: The Indian Express
Rape and Killing of a Christian School Girl in Panchagarh: The Prothom-alo
Monk Murder Plot Unravels: The Sangbad
BNP Leader Builds a Residence on the Forcibly Occupied Landed Property of the Ancestral Home of Martyr Dr. Jyotirmoy Guhathakurata: Vorer Kagoj
Bangladesh Minorities: A Glimpse of 2002 in pictures: HRCBM
Quandary Reflection: HRCBM
Land left behind to save lives - Hounded Bangladeshis flee to ‘relief camps’ in Bengal: The Telegraph
Bangladesh: Celebrations and bombs: Asia Times
Petition from RSF: Campaign for the release of Saleem Samad and Priscilla Raj, held without charge
Bangladesh's growing sensitivities: BBC
Justice and Force in Bangladesh: World Press Review
15 die in Bangladesh theatre blasts: Times of India
Doubts over Bangladesh rebel accord: BBC
Kali Puja Mandop desecrated and idol destroyed: Daily Janakantha
Press Release: Avowal of concerns, HRCBM demands unconditional release of foreign journalists
2 foreign journalists held, charged with anti-state activities: The Independent
UK journalists held in Bangladesh: BBC
Urgent Action Appealed: Attorney General of Bangladesh manhandled Human Rights Defender: HRCBM
Euro-parliament sees 'serious HR violation': Daily Star News
Ethnic Cleansing in Bangladesh: Mukto-mona
Bangladesh denies al-Qaeda accusation: BBC
Al-Qaeda, ISI activities on the rise in Bangladesh: Advani:Hindustantimes
Bangladesh: “Operation Clean Heart” results in over 3,000 arrests and the death of 10 people as a result of torture: OMCT
Bangladesh is new rest stop for Al-Qaeda fugitives: The Herald
Murder and Gang rape: Nightmare for minorities in Bangladesh: A Special Report from HRCBM
Bangladesh's 'al-Qaeda links': BBC
Quandary Reflection: A HRCBM newsletter
Site of Hindu Festival Attacked: Icons destroyed – An Attempt to Usurp the Temple Property?: Janakantha
Bangladesh crime clean-up: Two die: BBC
Army fights crime in Bangladesh: BBC
Army on standby to crackdown on crime: Daily Star News
Deadly Cargo - Bangladesh: Al-Qaeda's New Safe Haven?: Time
Puja Mandap vandalised in Pabna: DailyStar News
Bangladesh detains hundreds ahead of Durga Puja: Hindustantimes
Temple burnt, idols destroyed in Bangladesh: The Indian Express
Temple torched, idols destroyed in Bangladesh: Hindustan Times
One year of coalition rule:Poor HR record: Daily Star News
Bangladesh: Breeding ground for Muslim terror: Asia Times
10 feared killed, 200 hurt in two blasts at Satkhira: The Independent
Bangladesh investigates blasts: BBC
Bomb blasts rock Bangladesh town: BBC
2 teenage girls raped and killed in Magura: Daily Star News
Dhaka hardliners protest against play: BBC
Ukhia Chakma (Indigenous Tribal) neighborhood-bereft of men: Janakantha
U.S. team in Dhaka to probe attacks on Hindus: Yahoo News (IANS)
Quandary Reflection: HRCBM
Protection of HR lacking: UNDP: The Independent
Torture on minorities violation of HR: CEC: The Independent
URGENT ACTION! Bangladesh lawyer threatened and attacked:Amnesty International
Urgent Action Appealed:HRCBM
Religious Extremism And Nationalism In Bangladesh: Bangladesh Observer
HRCBM submits Memo to President of Bangladesh
Quandary Reflection
Hindu family victims of illegal occupation in Brahmanbaria
BNP Leader's brother forcibly occupies Hindu house in Brahmanbaria
An appeal from a Destitute family: Help save minorities in Bangladesh
Urgent Action Appealed: Help stop forceful conversion to Islam in Bangladesh
Lawyer seeks security: Daily Star News
New Documentary movie from HRCBM on Bangladesh minorities
Quandary Reflection:HRCBM
Satkhira: Atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh: HRCBM Special Report
Urgent Action: Attack on Human Right Activist, Advocate Rabindra Ghosh: HRCBM
HRCBM’s Report unveiled truth: Kidnap, Land grabbing and atrocities against minorities in Sathkira: Daily Sangbad
Atrocities against minorities continue in Bangladesh: A Special Report from HRCBM-Dhaka
Escalating Violence Threatens Press Freedom in Bangladesh: A Special Report from RSF (Reporters without Border)
Tribal Housewife was forcefully unclothed and tortured: Police refused to register accusation against the miscreants: Sangbad
Well-orchestrated attacks on minorities to evict them from Mehandhiganj: Bhorer Kagoj
International Convention On Crimes Against Humanity Bengal Basin And Beyond: Reaffirming A Humane, Plural Society: IIBB
Quandary Reflection: HRCBM
A Vibrant Culture Facing Uncertainty: Daily Star News
Quandary Reflection: HRCBM
Stern action against criminal demanded: The Independent
Atrocity continues in Bangladesh, terrorist kills Nilkantha Shur at Shakari bazar: Ajkerkagoj photo
Recent atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh: A special report from HRCBM Relief Worker
Naripakhkho for parliamentary probe into repression on minorities: The Independent
BHBCOP to publish report on repression against minority in a week: The Independent
Hushed Torture on minorities, A New Front: Sangbad
Indian parties plead Hindu refugees' cause : The Washington Post
Tale of Tanuja's travail: The Independent
Give ransom or Girl, orders hoodlums: 50 Christian families of Natoore subjugated by nightmare: Janakantha
Destruction of Kali Temple at Madaripur: A special report from HRCBM relief worker
All Govts have let down hindus: Amnesty: NFB
About 30,000 minority people take shelter in India from five dists: NFB
Take steps to protect Hindus, free Shahriar, AI urges govt: Daily Star News
Bangladesh: Hindu minority must be protected: Amnesty International
Advani points a finger at Khaleda allies: The Pioneer
Stop migration of Hindus to India: Vajpayee: Daily Star News
Indian Lok Sabha concerned about attacks on Bangladesh Hindus: Rediff
Communalism: politics is the root, politics would be the cure: A special Report from Janakantha
Bangladesh PM 'opponents inciting violence': BBC
Recent atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh: A special report from HRCBM relief worker
Questions over Bangladesh detention: BBC
Fate of CHT accord hangs in balance: Daily Star News
CHT situation deteriorating again: Hasina: Daily Star News
6 Hindu women, girl allegedly gangraped in Bagerhat: Daily Star News
America urges Bangladesh to respect religious freedom: Indian Express
Respect religious freedom, US tells Bangladesh : Times of India
This is the first time that minorities are being harassed after elections': Tehelka
Minority cleansing in Bangladesh: The Pioneer Editorial
Recent atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh: A special report from HRCBM relief worker
Miscreants hurl bomb into house, little girl injured: The Independent
Bangla writer arrest invites Left, VHP ire: Indian Express
Bangladeshi Court Acts to Protect Hindus: New York Times
Terrorist warns Hindu minorities of Sathbaria to give 5 lakhs Taka or face dare consequence: Ajkerkagoj
Shahriar Kabir detained for a month: Daily Star News
Court order on Bangladeshi Hindus: BBC
Bangladesh HC seeks explanation from Govt.: The Hindu
Indian concern over Bangladesh Hindus: BBC
Attacks on religious minorities, Rule nisi on govt: Daily Star News
BNP cadres threaten 30 Hindu families: Daily Star News
Bangladesh police detain human rights activist: Zee News
Captive Couple with child being rescued from BNP cadres: Daily Ittefaq
Bangladesh Hindus 'will not go back': BBC
India to raise 'special force' to guard border with Bangladesh: Daily Star News
Bangladesh and the Bin Laden cult: BBC
Attention of JS drawn to anti-Bangladesh activities in West Bengal: NFB
Govt denies press report on capture of temple of aborigines: The Independent
Attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh Raise Fears of Talibanization: Pacific News Service
Several clues to killing of Muhuri found: The Independent
Bangla Hindus' persecution: BJP MPs are agitated: The Pioneer
Calcutta refugees protest against Dhaka: BBC
Minority issue, 'Move for agitation in West Bengal amounts to interference': Daily Star News
266 murders, 213 rape in post-polls violence, JS told: Daily Star News
Murder of college principal in Ctg,Police identify killers, launch manhunt: Daily Star News
Two Jamaat teachers arrested, protest rally held: Bangladesh Observer
RSS to launch campaign against atrocities on Hindus: Indian Express
Buddhadev tells BBC: Migration of Hindus from Bangladesh not alarming: NFB
Two Nazirhat College teachers arrested: The Independent
Special committee to investigate minority attacks: Daily Star Editorial
Principal murder: Two teachers of Nazirhat College arrested: Daily Star News
Academic's murder sparks Hindu protest: BBC
The famous Hindu leader and Freedom Fighter gunned down: Report from various Bangladesh Daily Newspapers
Appeal over Bangladeshi refugees in India: BBC
The night of the lost nose-pins: Daily Star News Editorial
At least say 'yes' for the minority: Daily Star News Editorial
Hartal observed in greater Ctg: Daily Star News
India restarts fencing border with Bangladesh: Times of India
Cong no to refugee status for intruders:Times of India
India state warns of Bangladesh refugees: BBC Report
Refugee crisis a human problem: The Statesman
Bloodshed in Bangladesh: The Poineer Editorial
A girl seeking refuge to India Shot dead by BSF: Anandabazar
Harrowing tales of depravity: Daily Star News
No action yet against perpetrators of Bhola outrage: Daily Star News
Bangladesh Hindu atrocities 'documented':BBC
Minority groups call hartal in Ctg on Nov 15 protesting repression: The Independent
Hindus fled to India after "atrocities", admits Bangla envoy: Hindustantimes
Bangladeshi Hindus flee homeland for India: Yahoo
Buddha seeks update on Bangla influx: The Statesman
Attack Bangla Hindus on PM's agenda: The Pioneer
Bangla Hindus fleeing Khaleda govt terror to be sent back: The Newspaper Today
Hindus persecuted by Khaleda government flee to northeast: The Newspaper Today
Attack on Hindus - BJP to take up the issue with Bangladesh: The Daily Star News
Khaleda loyalist-ravaged Hindus pour in, Bengal waits, watches: The newspaper today
Minorities attacked in Mirersarai: One killed, 16 hurt:Daily Star report
Bangladeshi Hindus held at border:BBC report
Refugees are now headache for CM of WB (Bengali):Anandabazar
Victim narrates atrocities on minority:Ganashakti
Bangladeshi migrants flee to WB:ZeeNews
Bangla influx unabated:The Statesman
W.B. will talk with Central government regarding refugee (Bengali): Ananda Bazar Patrika
Bangladeshi Hindus cross into West Bengal: Indian Express
Bangladesh rights group confirms violence against Hindus: Indian Express
Tourture in Bangladesh, Hindus escaping to WB, India (Bengali): Anandabazar Patrika
Hindus in Bangladesh told to go 'home': Rediff
The story of pre and post election violation against minorities (Bengali):Sangbad
Stop the barbaric game of torture and atrocities:Bhorer Kagoj
Khaleda Zia needs foreign observer's certificate (Bengali):Bhorer Kagoj
Frightened Rangunia(Bengali):Bhorer Kagoj
Ziziakar imposed on minorities:Sangbad
The systematic eviction of minorities (Bengali):Bhorer Kagoj
BNP turning into Taliban of the east:Times of India
Khudiram Murder story:Prothom Alo
Chouker Jalea Protima Niranjan (Bengali):Bhorer Kagoj
Minorities in Bangladesh targeted:NDTV
Minorities will be protected:Khaleda assures Mishra:Times of India
BJP asks govt to take up minority issue with Bangla govt:Times of India
Senior Indian official to visit Bangladesh:Yahoo News
Dhaka rumblings: Hindustan Times
'Unite to resist attacks on minorities':Daily Star News
Foreign Ministry summons Indian envoy:Daily Star News
Home minister now admits...:Daily Star News
'Hindu women raped in Bangladesh':The Hindu Report
Astami Puja marked by hunger strike:Daily Star News
Dhaka assures Delhi of stern action for attacks on minorities:Daily Star News
We want justice - Rape victim's mother demands: Daily Star News
Hindu families flee Bangladesh: Rediff
Borderline case:Khaleda should listen well to the tales therefugees tell: Indian Express
Thousands of Hindus fleeing Bangladesh: Assam Tribune
Oh God, Please help: Sangbad(Bengali)
A Lajja Kutaie Rakhi: Bhorer Kagoj (Bengali)
Analysis: Fears of Bangladeshi Hindus: BBC Report
Khaleda assures minorities of protection: Daily Star's Editorial
Home Minister's sweeping remarks: Daily Star's Editorial
We’re being targeted, say Bangla’s Hindus: Indian Express
Minister's son involve (Bengali news):Anadabazar Patrika
Protecting minorities is everyone's moral duty: Daily Star Editorial
End attacks on minorities: Daily Star Editorial
Vicious Brigand's Hamlet: Nolbunia is now a desolated land: Rape and atrocity everywhere.
Subjugated and defamed Hindu minorities of seven districts are leaving the Country: Mayhem in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Hindus seek protection: BBC Report
15 thousands minority family dislodged: Houses ablaze, hundreds of women gang raped
BHBCOP for an end to attack on minorities
BNP threatens minorities to leave country
Threat to minority voters
Khaleda woos Hindu voters
Temple Demolished, hundreds of Tribal houses torched: 30 wounded
Bomb blast kills 10 in Gopalganj church: 3 suspects arrested
Gajipur Puja Premises Ransacked, Destroyed
Indigenous people is in danger
HRCBM is utterly shocked, crime against humanity must be stopped
Bangladesh Govt Attempts to Ban Mayer Dak
Atrocities on Santhal, numerous burned alive
Legally Identified Enemies in Bangladesh
Where is Kalpana?
The aliens in own homeland
Minorities are compelled to leave Bangladesh

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