Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM)
Relief work for winter victims
Part I
A special Report on HRCBM Relief work at Serajganj and Pabna

Note: Thousands of people have died in South Asia due to severe cold weather: Bangladesh is one of the worst affected country in the region. To save the lives of thousands, HRCBM has initiated relief effort starting with Northern district of Bangladesh.
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The Process: Members of HRCBM-DFW at Texas initiated sudden discussion after reading the news at various national dailies of Bangladesh. The Noble heart of HRCBM-DFW then took swift decision and allocated funds from the reserve in which noble hearts of HRCBM-DFW contributed generously. This initiatives was latter supported by Lily Foundation with an immediate fund for the relief work. Once informed the governing board of HRCBM issued assurance and complete control of the project to HRCBM-DFW and informed HRCBM-Dhaka to provide full cooperation.
Staring the work through the hand of Ms. Purmia (a victim of brutal torture/gang rape and religious persecution): Once approved by HRCBM-Dhaka, volunteers rushed to the Northern part of Bangladesh which is considered one of the worst affected area. The decision was made to start relief work from the house of Ms. Purnima Shil. It is well known to the citizens of Bangladesh and International community about the plight of Ms. Purnima Shil who was subject to brutal torture. It was one of the most publicized case due to the nature of crime and involvement of well known Human Rights activist Mr. Shariar Kabir. HRCBM extended support to Purnima and her family and it was decided to intiate relief work from Purmia's house giving the boost to the morale of oppressed women of Bangladesh. HRCBM wanted to impart the world as how it honors the women who are subject to brutal oppression. As it always, HRCBM will standby oppressed women until justice is done. 
The relief work started by the touch of Purnima.

This report is prepared as photos and other information are received from ground zero. Henceforth, the report is subject to modification. Please watch out for the continuation of the Report.

HRCBM-Dhaka plans to initiate relief work at other districts of Bangladesh also starting with Dinajpur (another worst affected district of Bangladesh) by 28th January, 2003.