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Special Bulletin (Ref: HRCBM/Bang/102)

April, 2002


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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Human Right Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM)

Begum Khaleda Zia
Prime Minister, People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Office of the Prime Minister
Dhaka, Bangladesh

RE: Murder of Buddhist Monk, Gyanjyoti Barua- Bring the Criminals to Justice

Honorable Prime Minister:

Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) is deeply shocked at the brutal murder of Buddhist Monk, Gyanjyoti Barua, of Hingala hill tract, in Raujan, Chittagong. We express our grave concern for the safety and security of the Buddhist and other minority communities in the region and all over Bangladesh.
According to daily Janakantha dated April 23, 2002, members of the SAKA group, who are supporters of the ruling BNP party of Bangladesh, attacked Mr. Barua on Sunday, April 21 around midnight and slaughtered him in his Anath Ashram (Orphanage). According to the local community, the slaughtering was led by two cadres of the SAKA group namely Ajijul Haque and Taslime Uddin.
A devotee at the orphanage, Mr. Mahanam Shram stated that Mr. Barua entered his room after the daily prayer services at the night of his murder around 12:30 AM at night. Suddenly a group of 7 to 8 terrorists burst into the orphanage with Chinese knives and swords. The terrorists then tied up Mahanam Shram and murdered Mr. Barua at his second floor room by slashing his throat. According to the community, SAKA group wanted the land belonging to this orphanage to expand their terrorist operations at Hingala. The terrorists had threatened to kill Mr. Barua numerous times and wanted to occupy the orphanage so that they could operate from there and rob the funds donated by Netherlands, which is valued at 25 lakhs Taka ($12,000.00) per year.
Buddhist and other minority communities around Raujan are in a state of shock. They are besieged by the lack of safety, security of life and possessions.
We, on behalf of the HRCBM, urge you to request your government authorities to immediately arrest the criminals and give them exemplary punishment, and ensure safety and security of the minority community.


Chanchal Chatterjee
Secretary General, HRCBM



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