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Partial List of Atrocities During January-July, 2000

Committed Against Minorities in Bangladesh


The following is a partial list of atrocities committed by Islamic fanatics against the minorities of Bangladesh during the months of January – July, 2000 collected from Mayer Dak. The atrocities are listed under the following categories:




Religious Persecution

Loot and Intimidation



1.   On June 26, 2000, a group of Muslim fanatics directed Mrs. Smriti Rani Saha of Sirajgang town to sell all her property and migrate to India. As she refused to oblige, she was abducted, gang-raped and killed brutally.

2.     An accused Mamoon Mian was convicted to undergo life imprisonment by Justice Anisuzzaman of Judges Court Bagerhat. The charge against him was rape of Miss Muktarani, a teenaged Hindu girl of the area.

3.     On March 29, 2000, a Hindu girl named Miss Malarani Roy d/o of Khagen Roy of Karagola-hut, PS Syedpur, Distt. Nilphamari was abducted by a fanatic Muslim youth group from her residence. She was brutally beaten up and gang-raped. The local police recovered her and put her in a Hospital but refused to register a case. The incident shook the conscience of local progressive Muslims, who even criticized the negative police role in this case.

4.     The next incident revolved round Miss Mala Mondol (18 yrs.) d/o Amulya Mondol of Vill: Sinkhali, P.S. Nazirpur, Distt. Pirozpur (BD). In August '99 this teenage Hindu girl was abducted by a Muslim gang. However, the local police could confront the gang and recover the girl. As Amulya Mondol pursued the case with Police/Court, he was reduced to penury and even subjected to mental torture. The situation got so bad that Amulya finally committed suicide on Dec. 30, '99.

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1.     According to a belated report, one Anwar Hussain, a local Muslim lumpen abducted a Hindu girl (Miss Kabita Rani Biswas) of Vill: Purbachar, PS Raipura, Distt. : Narsinghdi on April 8, 2000. Kabita was a student of HS first year. Anwar tried to assault her sexually, but the local police arrested the culprit in time.

2.     On November 29, '99 a teenage Hindu girl named Ranjana Roy D/o Subhash Roy r/o J. M. Sengupta Road, Chandpur City was taken away by force by one Shibli Noman, who forced her to convert and marry him. The girl's whereabouts were not known for a long time. Recently, the news became known and Ranjana's father tried to quietly send her daughter to India for safe haven. However, Islamic fanatic groups were putting resistance and Subhashbabu was feeling helpless.

3.     On April 30, 2000 one Imam of local Mosque/(Maulana Afzal Hussain) forcibly converted the young Hindu boy (Sujan S/o Nipen Das) of Vill: Haridevpur, PS Bera, Distt. Pabna. As the parents of the boy tried to recover him, the Maulana and his henchmen kept him captive at an unknown place. As the parents approached the Police and took to law, the boy was recovered after 13 days. Groups of Islamic Zealots in the village were making it a big issue and threatened the parents of the boy with dire consequences for having taken legal action and police help.

4.     On March 24, 2000, an armed Muslim fanatic group raided a tribal village called Mogpara, PS Fatickchhari, Chittagong and abducted a tribal woman and tried to gang-rape her. The united tribal Mog youth chased the miscreants and recovered the lady.

5.     On January 17, 2000, one Samiran Chakma (47 years), a Buddhist social activist of vill: Betchhari, P.S. Baniarchar, Distt. Rangenati (BD) was abducted by a fanatic armed Muslim gang from the house of Mahendra Karbari of adjoining vill : Rangipara. Earlier on January 9, 2000, one Sohel Chakma, a Buddhist student was also abducted similarly. The Police were still to recover them when report last came in.

6.     The second incident revolved round Rajendra Prasad Roy, Proprietor, Suktara Jewellers at K. C. De Road, Sadar Chitagong (BD). On the night of January 19, 2000, as he was returning home, he was way laid by an armed Muslim fanatic gang and taken to an unknown place. The terrorists demanded a ransom of 1 kg gold and Taka Ten lakhs in cash. The local police arrested 2 Muslim suspects (Shati and Noor Mohd) but Roy was yet to be recovered.

7.     The next incident revolved round a Christian Tribal named Gregory Nokrek of vill. Chaitalchhara Panpunji P.S. Kulaura, Distt. Maulvi Bazar (BD). On Den 18, '99, an armed gang of 50/60 youth led by local UP Chairman organized a violent attack in the said tribal village and resorted to loot and arson. The miscreants also took away a few Christian tribal women/girls. At least 5 tribal homes were destroyed/gutted in this organized gory crime. Despite report to the Police, the tribal village did not get any compensation or action taken to arrest the culprits.

8.     In yet another parallel incident, Miss Latika Rani Mistri (20 yrs.) d/o Niranjan Mistri Vill. Kumkhali, P.S. : Koira, Distt. : Satkhira (BD) was abducted at gunpoint by Asadul Hague (25), a Muslim fanatic youth of the same village on Oct 25, '99. Through her father filed fir with the police, Latika was yet to be recovered.

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1.   On June 18, 2000, one Hindu boy named Arnab Das s/o Bimal Das, a student of Saihati Primary School, in Satkhira district was reported to be missing. Four days later, the corpse of Arnab was recovered from the area in a highly mutilated condition. The local police have since arrested a fanatic Muslim youth (Mohammed Mulal Mistri) in this case.

2.   On June, 27, 2000, the local police recovered the dead-body of Ashok Podder, a Hindu Awami League worker from Upazilla Matalab Distt : Chandpur. A Muslim woman (Mumtaz Begam) was arrested by police in this case.

3.   On May 24, 2000, one Ratan Kumar Das of vill : daulatpur, Ps. Santhia, in Pabna district was brutally assaulted by a gang of Muslim fanatics. The attack left him dead. During this attack, three local Hindu houses were also looted and damaged.

4.   On May 28, 2000, one Chandan Saha a fruit merchant was killed and his dead body was left in front of Telephone Bhawan, Nasingdi. It was also reported to be the work of Islamic militants.

5.   On June 28, 2000, armed Muslim fanatics shot at Bejoy Chakma (24 yrs.) and Bipul Chakma (32 yrs.) in vill: Hatimara,m Distt: Rangmati. They were thereafter abducted. Similarly the same day, Chakma leader Sadhan Chakma (32 yrs.) was also kidnapped from Nanier Char area. Their present whereabouts are not known.

6.     Debasish Saha was the proprietor of ''Rajbadhu Print Sarees'' at Poradaha on May 28, 2000 while he was returning home at night by car, he was waylaid and fatally shot at by a Muslim armed gang. The killers also took away over Taka 32 lakhs from the car

7.     On May 26, 2000 a Hindu youth named Indrajit Kumar Biswas (35) of Vill: Harishpur, PS Salikha, Distt. : Jessore was stabled to death by Islamic fanatics while he was returning home at night.

8.     On June 8, 2000, a Jana Sanhati Samity Chakma Buddhist leader (Rasamay Chakma) was shot at by Islamic goons at Khagrechhari. While he was seriously injured, his son accompanying him died on the spot.

9.     On June 4, 2000 morning, another tribal Mayaram Tripura of Vill: Balipara, PS Rajasthali, Distt. : Rangamati was shot dead by local Islamic fanatics.

10.  Earlier, on May 28, 2000, the dead body with multiple wounds of a Christian tribal (Chheru Maddi-50 yrs.) was recovered from Dhanjuri Jungle, PS Birampur, and Distt. : Dinajpur. It was later learnt from secret channels that the deceased was witness to Islamic arms training camp in the said jungle and he had to pay with his life.

11.  On May 25, 2000, a renowned Hindu physician named Dr. Bidhu Bhushan Barua was shot at by an Islamic fanatic gang at Debarpur, PS Dabalmuring, and Chittagang town. He was admitted to a local Hospital in a serious condition.

12.  According to a belated report, the hired goondas of Didarul Alam fired at businessman Jagennath on the midnight of February 4, 2000 killing him on the spot. Jagannath was doing flourishing business at Naniarchar Market, Distt. Rangamati and he were under threat for long to sell his business or wind up his business and migrate to 'Hindu India'. As he stubbornly refused, he had to die.

13.  On May 12, 2000, around 2300 hrs. are Bidhu Bhushan Saha (50 yrs.) of 7/5 RK. Mission Road, Dhaka was abducted from his house on the point of a gun by Mohd. Saidur Rahman, a notorious local Islamic fanatic. At a deserted place, Saha was brutally done away with designed to terrorize the few Hindus who were still braving to stay in Bangladesh.

14.  On April 4, 2000, a really bizarre and tragic incident took place at Begumgang in Distt. Noakhali. A Hindu woman (wife of Pankaj Saha) was breast-feeding her 5-month-old baby. At that moment, two Islamic goons of an adjoining village (Jahangir Alam and Shamsul Alam) intruded into the place, took away the baby, killed her brutally and finally threw her corpse in a nearby pond. It was learnt that for sometime these two Muslim fanatic criminals were putting pressure on Pankaj Saha to dispose of his property to them and flee the area. This incident was strongly resented and actively opposed by liberal Muslims of the area. The Police later took into custody the two criminals.

15.  There was a major event on the midnight of April 10, 2000 involving a Hindu Kali Prasanna Dey of Vill. Salipara, PS Banskhalai, Chittagong. That fateful night, 25-strong fanatic Muslim gang raided his house shouting slogans ‘Hindus: Quit Bangladesh or face Death'. Kali Prasanna and other inmates of the house challenged the attackers and in the brawl one of the miscreants was killed. Kali Prasanna was also shot dead. The raiders beat up every member of the house and decamped with Taka 50,000 in cash and lot of gold jewelery.

16.  On March 24, 2000, a gang of armed Islamic Zealots shot dead two Buddhist Chakmas (Hriday Chakma and Nayan Chakma) at Hemanta Karkaripara, PS Mehalchhari, Distt. Rangamati. These Chakmas were local UPD workers.

17.  One Ajoy Pramanik s/o Lalit Pramanik was working as a contractor at Village Damkadia, PS Pangsha, and Distt. Rajbari. On March 21, 2000, a gang of Muslim youth demanded donation of Taka 5000 from Ajoy. As Ajoy refused, the gang returned at night and killed him by using a rope around his neck. Police recovered the body after 3 days.

18.  On Feb 24, 2000, an armed gang of Islamic youth raided a business house named ''Padma Oil Co.'' at Katiradi, Distt. Kishoreganj and brutally killed 4 Hindu employees while they were fast asleep. They also took away cash of over Taka 75,000.

19.  According to much belated report, one Swapan Saha (38 yrs.) S/O J. K. Saha of vill. Harinarayanpur, PS + Distt. Kushtia (BD) was abducted on June 18, '98. The fanatic Muslim miscreants demanded a ransom of Taka 10 lakhs. As Saha's father expressed inability, Saha was killed and his dead body thrown on roadside. Due to shock, his father also expired soon after. Swapan's widow and 2 children were forced to quit Homeland. Presently, they are staying at Patikabari, Nadia Distt. (W. Bengal) in a destitute condition.

20.  On the night of February 18, 2000, one Babul Sutradhar (28 yrs.) S/O Hemanta Sutradhar of Vill: Kalidaha, PS + Distt. Feni (BD) was shot dead by a gang of armed fanatic Muslims when Babul's mother and brother tried to intervene they were also badly assaulted.

21.  One Bimal Rishi (35 yrs.) was way laid by a group of armed Muslims on Feb 13, 2000 when he was passing through vill: Rounagram, P.S. Gafargaon, Distt. Mymensing (BD) Rishi was so badly beaten up that he succumbed to the injuries.

22.  On Feb 17, 2000, during the course of countrywide 'Hartal', a Hindu (Naresh Lal De of Rupehand Lane, Dhaka Sadar) lost his life in a bomb attack by Jamaeat cadres.

23.  A 23-year-old student Pulak Biswas of MES College, Chittagong (BD) was shot dead by Jamaat militants while he was asleep in his home on the night of Feb 14, 2000.

24.  A Hindu businessman Jagannath Debnath of Naniarchar Bazar, PS Nanichar, Distt. Rangamati (BD) was shot dead on Feb 6, 2000 by Muslim fanatics.

25.  On the night of Dec 15, '99 a gang of Muslim terrorists killed Hindu constable Sudhir Mohan Roy (50 yrs.) in Distt. Habigang (BD). It was a joint operation of some local AL/BNP/JEI youth. The corpse of Roy was found from Subidpur area. This news was given to BSS by the distt. Superintendent of Police, Habigang.

26.  On the early morning of January 11, 2000, a Hindu bureaucrat (Nikunja Behari Nath, Joint Secretary, Bangladesh Govt.) was stabbed to death near his govt. bungalow at Dhaka, reportedly by some armed criminals. The incident shook the minorities who felt that, if such a senior Govt. official could be so brutally done away with, where is the safeguard for their life and property. Though the police affected some arrests, it is yet to be seen if they can unearth the real motive of murder.

27.  Earlier, on the evening of December 27, '99 a Hindu old man of 60 yrs' (Nibaran Chandra) of Vill: Rampur, P.O. Pabnapara, P.S. Bochaganj, Distt. Dinajpur (BD) was abducted at gun-point by a fanatic Muslim gang while he was returning home from place of work. The miscreants thereafter applied strong-arm tactics on him to get a document signed assigning all his landed and other property to them. Nibaran resisted and refused to sign. After captivity, he could secure his release. Pressure on him, however, continued. Lastly, on the night of January 12, 2000, Nibaran was murdered by the said gang and his dead-body was thrown in a local pond. It was indeed an extreme case of brutality.

28.  On the very late night of January 14, 2000, an armed gang of Islamic fanatics set on fire a minority market at Kachlong Bazar P.S. Baghaichhari, Distt. Rangamati (BD). Eleven shops owned by minorities were completely gutted. Sunil Talukdar a shopkeeper lost his life while about 20 others sustained injuries. The loss was estimated at over Taka 2 crores. The incident was caused to create panic and terror among Hindu businessman of the area.

29.  Miss Maya Mondol (18 years) daughter of Amulya Mondol of Sinkhali village in Nazirpur subdivision, in Pirozpur district. In the August of 1999, this teenage Hindu girl was abducted by a local Muslim gang. The local police had the ability and the power to confront the gang and to recover the girl. However, they declined to do so. As Amulya Mondol pursued the case with the Police and the Bangladeshi Judicial system, he was reduced to penury and even subjected to mental torture. The situation got worse and after suffering through a severe prejudicial approach to him and his family by the local government authorities, Amulya finally committed suicide on December 30, 1999.

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Religious Persecution

1.   The famous 'Manikya Madhav Mandir (temple) set up by the historic Bhawal Raja was damaged by Pakistani Army during the 1971 Bangladeshi liberation war. Luckily, the venerated 'Icon' was then shipped to a safe place. Recently local Hindus decided to reestablish the Temple. Immediately, the Islamic fanatic body, 'Jamaat-e-Islam' organized a big protest demonstration at Joydevpur (Ghazipur) and also submitted a protest note to the District Administration opposing re-opening of the Temple.

2.   The Bhawal Rajas had also set up a bounded land only for "Rath-Yatra Festival" at Joydevpur (Ghazipur). This was being used for the purpose for decades. Recently, on May 18, 2000 the local Municipal chairman and the District Magistrate started construction of a school building on the said land. Despite repeated appeals from the Hindu community and court directives the work of construction continued as usual. Minority Hindu sentiments were totally disregarded in this matter.

3.   On May 8, 2000 a Muslim fanatic gang attacked two Hindu temples at Nagarpur in Tangail district and desecrated the venerated murthis (icons). On the same day, image of Goddess Saraswati at Nagarpur college was given the same treatment. The gang also kept up sloganeering to the effect that Icon worship must end in Islamic Bangladesh.

4.   In the recent days, a big portion of land belonging to Kali Temple at Bantal in Patuakhali district was forcibly confiscated by the local Administration for construction of public road. As the local Hindus protested, the fanatic local Islamic group threatened them with dire consequences.

5.   A 125 years old burning ghat (funeral area) of Hindus located adjacent to the Sitalakshya river at Siddhirgang in Narayanganj district was forcibly acquired by Mohammed Abdul Hoshen, a local conservative Islamic businessman, for a Godown-cum-store. The pleadings of local Hindus to the District Administration yielded no result.

6.   On July 4, 2000, Hindus organized a 'Rath Mela' (religious chariot festival) at Kaper Petty/Kumarpara in Salab Bazar, in the city of Rajshahi. The local Awami League fanatics attacked the Mela in which 2 Hindu youth (Partha and Mohon) sustained serious injuries and were admitted into Rajshahi Medical College for treatment. The miscreants also damaged a few Hindu shops there before escaping.

7.   On June 4, 2000, an armed gang of fanatic Muslims broke open the temple lock of Radha Gobinda Gopal located in the house of Akul Chaitanya Das at vill: Daulatdiya, Distt. : Chuadanga and decamped with the costly deity. Eight months ago, lakhs of Takas worth of valuables were looted from the same Temple.

8.     On May 22, 2000, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police recovered a costly deity made of Kashti-Pathar (black granite) from H. No. 48, Lane 16, Block-D in Pallavi area, Dhaka.

9.     About 2.22 acres 'Debottar' (Hindu religious property) land belonging to Ramana Kali Bari and Shri Anandamoyee Ashram have been recently acquired forcibly by the Bangladesh Government for the project ''Sonar Bangla Sanskritik Complex''.

10.  Long ago, the institution named 'Gandhi Ashram' for social welfare purposes had come up at vill Jayag in Distt. : Noakhali over a huge land measuring 2500 acres. Over the years, fanatic Islamic groups gradually started encroaching on this property. Hardly, 25 acres were now left for the once renowned Ashram.

11.  Bhawal Sannyasi was popular as a Historic figure among Hindus in Bangladesh. His 'Rajbari' was located at Joydevpur. In 1970, PS Joydevpur was up-graded as a Sub-Division but given the Islamic nomenclature of Ghazipur. The 'Rajbari' was converted into an Administrative office. A single story building adjoining 'Rajbari' was turned into a 'Mosque'. Since then, the local Administration gradually usurped other landed property in connivance with Islamic fanatic groups destroying the last vestiges of a Hindu symbol in Bangladesh.

12.  On April 6, 2000, an armed fanatic Islamic gang stormed into a Buddhist Vihara at Vill. Pakpara, PS Naikhangchhari, Distt. Bandarban and decamped with the Idol costing over Taka 50 lakhs. The Caretaker was badly beaten up.

13.  On April 6, 2000 an Islamic fanatic group raided a Radha-Krishna Temple at Utter Badhaghat, PS Gahirpur, Distt. Sunamganj and smashed all Idols and temple property before throwing the same into the streets.

14.  In a similar case, Islamic fanatics stormed into a Kali Temple at Khagra-Rajpara, PS Purbadhala on March 22 and desecrated the Kali idol and other venerated temple property.

15.  On March 17, 2000, a 24-hour non-stop 'Naam-Yagna' commenced in the house of Subhash & Jogesh Roy at Vill. Bardail, PS Dhamrai, Distt. Dhaka. Two Muslim youth came at the venue and passed indecent remarks. One Hindu participant named Dilip Sarkar protested. After 2 hrs. a 200-strong Muslim mob thronged the venue, beat up devotees and caused other acts of sacrilege. The entire village community, including some liberal Muslims chased away the miscreants. The disturbed 'Naam-Yagna' could start again under Police protection.

16.  The once flourishing Durga Mandirs of Barisal and Alekanda, Kali Temple of Bat-tala, Sitala-Kali Mandir adjoining Kaunia Club, Dol Mandir of Sadar Road, Jagannath Mandir Akhra, Madan Mohan Akhara of Chakbazar were non-existent today following sustained assaults on these vestiges of Hindu symbols.

17.  Recently, the Hindu devotees of Shri Shri Thakur Anukul Chandra celebrated the birth anniversary of the religious divine at different centers in Bangladesh. At a number of these gatherings, gangs of Islamic fanatics created lot of nuisance and manhandled the devotees. Women and children were also not spared.

18.  According to belated information, one 150 year old venerated Hindu Idol and many Puja items valued over lakh of Takas were stolen on July 23, '99 from Haripur Zamindar Bari Temple in Nasirnagar Distt. Brahmanbaria (BD). Despite lodging of complaint with the police, the Idol and other items were yet to be traced.

19.  On the night of Sept. 17, '99 a number of idols were stolen from ''Bari Sebashram Temple'', vill: Pirpur, P.S. Chhatak, Distt. : Sunamgang (BD) The Idols were worth lakhs of Takas. As usual complaint was lodged with the police. No result.

20.  In a recent incident, some fanatic local Muslims raided the house of Digambar Datta (60 yrs.) of Vill: Shahbazpur, Union Shyamgram P.S. Nabinagar, Distt. Brahmabere (BD) and demanded from Datta an amount of Taka 50,000 as 'Rizia Kar'. As Dutta politely regretted inability, he and his family members were badly assaulted and furniture of his house smashed.

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Loot and Intimidation

1.   On July 1, 2000, a gang of armed Muslim fanatics demanded payment of Tk: 50,000($1,000 U.S.) from two Hindu businessmen (Liton Banik and Samir Banik sons of Dr. Durgadas Banik) of vill : Jasore, of Police Station in Narsingdi district. As they expressed inability, they were brutally assaulted. The gang led by Murad and Reham Ali also destroyed a Hindu owned poultry farm.

2.   Earlier, on April 26, 2000 a Muslim gang forcibly collected an amount of Taka one lakh ($2,000 U.S.) as donation from Mr. Sanchit Kumar Biswas of vill : Koijury, Ps Sadar, . FIR at local thana lodged by local Hindus produced no result.

3.   Recently Mr. Nazrul Islam, President Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCA) of Raninagar upazilla in Naogaon district was stabbed to death by an armed Islamic fanatic gang. Strangely the local police took into custody 5 local Hindu youth (Santosh, Pijush, Mithu, Sudhannya and Angoor) to shield the real culprits. All 5 hailed from village Kusumbi upazilla Kaligang, in Natore District.

4.   On July 1, 2000, a fanatic Muslim gang threw an explosive device in the Dhaka house of Ramendu Majumder, president Sammilita Sanskritik Jote, Bangladesh. The device exploded causing partial damage to the house. The local liberal/progressive Muslims organised a rally in Dhaka condemning the bomb attack.

5.   On June 1, 2000 an armed gang of Muslim fanatics launched an attack on the house of Narendra Mallick at Nilerpara, Joydevpur in Gazipur district. The gang looted property and valuables worth over Taka one lakh ($2,000 U.S.).

6.     Master Surya Sen, the renowned freedom fighter, owned 2 acre landed property at Rouzan in Distt. : Chittagong. A fanatic Muslim group led by Noab Mian forcibly occupied the property and now is trying to regularize it by filing a legal case. It is still sub-judice.

7.     On June 3, 2000, an armed fanatic Muslim gang raided the house of Mona Bhakta at vill: Shyampur, Upazila Ramganj, Distt. : Lakhipur. The inmates of the house were badly beaten up and thrown out of the house. The same gang attacked several other Hindu houses in adjoining village-looted property, besides abducting a Hindu lady. Her release was achieved by paying a ransom of Taka 40,000. The gang masqueraded as Awami League supporters.

8.     Businessman Goutam Saha owned real estate property, factory and godown at Mouza 742/752 in vill: Jhanaile, PS Gopalpur, Distt. : Tangail. On May 16, 2000, a fanatic group led by Upazila Nirbahi Officer caused massacre to the said property and looted over Taka 10 lakhs. A new Union Parishad Bhavan was coming up in this usurped land.

9.     In a macabre incident, a fanatic Muslim gang led by Union Parishad Chairman Asadur Ali and Abul Hashim launched a serious attack on Christian Garo and Khasia tribal families at Panpanji, Chailatachhare, PS Kulaura on June 9, 2000. At least 10 tribals sustained serious injuries. The tribal families were also made to quit their ancestral place.

10.  The next incident involved Prafulla Chandra Deb of Dandpur village, PS Sadar, Distt. : Brahmanbaria. On May 28 nights, an armed Muslim gang raided the said house and decamped with cash and valuables of over Taka 1.60 lakhs. A Hindu neighbor (Amar Chandra) sustained bullet wounds as he tried to put up resistance.

11.  On June 7, 2000, an armed Muslim gang attacked the house of Parimal Nag in Vill: Ramkrishnapur, PS Sadar Distt. : Noakhali and decamped with items/cash worth over Taka two lakhs. The same night, the same gang attacked the house of teacher Bidhan Majumdar of Vill: Alatpur beat up the inmates and looted properly. Bidhan was admitted to Dhaka Medical College in a precarious condition.

12.  On June 9, 2000, several minority Hindu businessman of Palerhat, PS Sadar, Distt. : Lakhipur lost over Taka 7 lakhs in thefts reducing them to penury. They included Dr. Maniklal Debnath, Jiban Krishna Majumdar, Dr. Sumesh etc.

13.  On May 23, 2000, over 500 maunds of rice harvested by Dilip Ranjan Dutta and Subhash Datta in their 18 acres land at Vill: Kaliyara, PS Sadar, Distt. : Netrakona were looted by a Muslim local gang led by Rahim Mian and Lal Chand.

14.  On the nights of June 5 and 7, 2000, Muslim gangs set on fire several shops owned by Hindus at Dirai Sadar and Chhatak Paper Mini Market, Distt. : Sunamganj. Total loss was estimated to lie over Taka 2 crores. The owners of these shops named Benu Das, Nantu Karmakar, Apu Choudhury, Dhiren Das etc were now in a destitute condition.

15.  The next incident involved a Christian tribal (Sonai Soren) of Kaharole, Distt. : Dinajpur. On May 6, 2000 Soren was beaten up and forced to eat night soil at the direction of Liaquat Ali, Chairman, local union parishad. The local police was trying to close the case without any investigation.

16.  One Barendra Narayan Dewan, a Govt. Advocate and Secretary of Shahjadpur unit of ''Hindu-Bouddha-Christo-Oikyo Parishad'' and all his family members were permanent Bangladeshi nationals. Recently as result of a conspiracy hatched by Muslim neighbors like Abdul Aziz, the landed properly of Dewan family at Sahjadpur was declared as 'vested' through a supporter of ruling Awami League, Barendrababu could not escape assault from the 'Black Law' even then.

17.  On May 3, 2000, the Special Branch Police at Dhaka conducted a special operation in Pallavi area of the metropolis and recovered a stolen Idol of a Hindu God made of 'Kashtipathar' and weighing nearly 40 kg. The Police also arrested a Muslim suspect and taken up investigations.

18.  In a similar case, the Dhaka Special Branch Police, on a tip-off, raided Mayanagar area at Badda and recovered a 116 kg. Hindu idol made of 'Kashti-Pathar'. The Police also arrested 3 Muslim suspects, namely Amir Hossain (32 yrs.), Abul Hashem (40 yrs.) and Anisur Rahman Sawan (35 yrs.).

19.  During road development work at Panhata in Munshiganj, a Hindu Idol weighting 80 kg. And valued at over Taka two crores was recovered on May 9, 2000 and handed over to Police.

20.  The venerated Swami Bagh Ashram in Dhaka city is spread over a big 4 Bigha plot of land. It was set up over a century back by late Sadhak Sri Rudra Tridandi Tripur Lingaswamy for holding Hindu festivities and religious discussions. Recently, a gang of Islamic Zealots has been making sustained efforts to usurp this property through take legal documents. A Hindu religious body ''Bangladesh Krishna Sena'' has submitted a memorandum to the Bangladesh Prime Minister to stop this religious aggression.

21.  On May 12, 2000, a major repair/renovation work of Sri Sri Jwala Kumari Matri Mandir at village West Gugra, PS Rouzan, Chittagong was undertaken. As the work was in progress, a Muslim fundamentalist gang reached the venue and destroyed the venerated structure. Separately a similar gang stopped forcibly the setting up of a Kali Temple in Dulal Talukdar's house at adjoining Brahman-Hut village on Kaptai road the same day.

22.  On May 16, 2000, a 'Kirtan' recital was going on as part of 'Bhog' ceremony at Mahaprabhu Temple in Gopalpur-Rishipara, PS Belkuchi, Distt. Sirajganj. A fanatic gang of Muslims led by Mohd Nurul Nabi and Mohd Masood threw torn pages of Holy Quran at the venue of 'Kirtan' and raised a hue and cry over desecration of the Holy book by the Hindus. Some agitated local Muslims also gathered and broke down the 'Kirtan Mancha', caused severe damage to 6 Hindu houses and looted property valued over Taka 4 lakhs. The Police took into custody Masood and Nabi.

23.  On May 5, 2000, a local Imam (Jamshed Ali) went near Brahmaputra River in Kathamali area of Mymensingh town while some women of 'Hindu Harijan Pally' were taking bath. On the alibi of fishing, the Imam actually tried to outrage the modesty of the women. As local Harijan youth protested, the Imam took out a knife and jumped on them. The Harijan Youth launched a strong counter-attack in which the Iman lost his life. Since the event, thousands of local fanatics, Muslims were taking out processions under the banner of 'Ibtefaqul Ulema' threatening the Hindu Harijans with dire consequences. The local Harijans have gone underground and the Harijan Pally was being guarded by Riot Police.

24.  A Hindu Brahmin, Shri Prabhat Kumar Chakraborty, owned an ancestral landed property at Sobhaubagh under Tatty Mouza in Savar, Dhaka city. On May 1, 2000, a portion of the said property was forcibly occupied by a Muslim employee of Agriculture Department, who also put up a signboard of the said Department on the usurped land. As Prabhat Kumar protested, he was clearly told to quit Bangladesh or else every member of his household would be done to death.

25.  Between May 1-4, 2000 armed Islamic gangs launched a series of attacks on Minority houses in Bandarban Sadar Thana area One Tapan Datta (42 yrs.) of Balaghat was also shot at and seriously injured. The Muslim gangs looted property of Hindus valued at over Taka 5 lakhs and fled.

26.  On May 5, 2000, an armed Muslim militant gang looted two jewellery shops (M/s Monihar Jewellers and M/s Biswakarma Jewellers) owned by Hindus located close to Kulaura Thana. As the gang was fleeing with items valued at over Rs. 6 lakhs, one Goutam Banik an employee bravely put up resistance. He was brutally stabbed and was struggling for life.

27.  On May 9, 2000, a fanatic Muslim gang raided another Jewellery shop owned by one Harish Chandra Roy and located at Pangsha in Distt. Raybari. They broke open the Iron Gate and the shutter of the shop and decamped with valuables worth over Taka 4 lakhs in truck No. T-02-0442.

28.  The minority Hindu residents of Nabinagar Municipal area, Distt. Brahmanberia were stricken with terror. Since April, a series of major thefts were being committed on their houses reducing them to penury. A few of the affected families were those of Anjan Deb, Dilip Biswas, Narayan Saha etc. The obvious design was to force them to quit Bangladesh.

29.  In March 20, 2000, one Rafikul Islam, Chairman of Nazirpur-Deulbari Union, Distt. Pirozpur and his fanatic gang (50) attacked the local Chandkathi Market dominated by Hindu businessman. In this dastardly attack, many Hindus including Monoranjan Biswas and his wife Kiranbala sustained serious injuries. In protest, 3 day 'Hartal' was observed at the said Market. Police was yet to intervene in this case as the chief accused was a political heavyweight.

30.  On March 4, 2000, a Hindu boy called Pintoo Mallick took his younger sister to Shiv Chaturdashi Mela at Chandranath Pahar, PS Sitakundu, Distt. Chittagong. A group of fanatic local Muslim youth molested his sister and tried to kidnap her. As Pintoo resisted, he was stabbed but the miscreants fled. The volunteers of the Mela Committee captured one of the miscreants (Saiful Mian-20 yrs.) and handed him over to the Police. The incident created a scare among the miniscule Hindu minority in the area.

31.  On March 27, 2000, Ms. Popyrani Das (23 yrs.), an employee of Tajpur Smriti Medical Clinic in Sylhet town was attacked by a Muslim youth following an altercation. Dangerous acid was also thrown at the Hindu lady who suffered severe burns. She was taken to the nearby Osmania Medical College Hospital where her condition was declared to be serious.

32.  On April 8, 2000, a teashop owned by one Hindu named Badal Datta at Bhatpara Mohalla, PS Savar, Dhaka was set on fire at night by a Muslim fanatic gang. The shop was completely gutted.

33.  On April 9, 2000, a Hindu youth named Surajit Ghosh, a second year student of Ormani Medical College, Dhaka was stabbed at night while he was returning home on foot from College. He was admitted in the said Hospital. This was the second attack on him. His fault was he was supporting the Opposition campaign to oust the present BD Govt.

34.  On March 19, 2000, a number of Hindu houses belonging to Anil Mahajan, Debasish, Raju, Dayal Hari and Binode Choudhuri at Village Jaishthapur, PS Boalkhali, Chittagong were attacked by Muslim fanatics in the very presence of local police. 15 Hindus of the village sustained injuries while trying to resist. Local Hindus (150) put up a memorandum to the local Suptd. of Police demanding action against the miscreants.

35.  In a similar incident, an armed Muslim gang raided a number of Hindu houses of village Nalamara, PS Abhaynagar, Distt. Jessore on the night of March 30, 2000 and decamped with valuables worth over Taka 5 lakhs. The families of Bhim Sen, Utpal, Kartick Das, Nripen & Sirish Datta suffered total loss.

36.  On March 29, 2000 night, in yet similar incident, a number of Hindu houses were simultaneously raided at villages Kalananda and Telkupi, PS Gurudaspur, Distt. Natore and valuables worth over Taka 3 lakhs looted. The most affected families were that of Jogen Pramanick, Master Radhikanath, Master Santosh and Palash Byapari. These heinous acts were being committed in a regular fashion to force the Hindu minority in Bangladesh to quit their Motherland.

37.  Recently some landed property owned by Swapan Sarkar s/o late Upen Sarkar at Gosaidanga, Village, PS Ulipur, Distt. Kurigram was usurped through fake documents by local Muslims, viz Fazaluddin, Abu Taher, Mominul Hague etc.

38.  The ancestral home of Charan Kabi Mukunda Das/Jaggeshwar Das was located at Alekande in Barisal Town. A part of this historic property has been usurped wrongfully by Islamic fundamentalists. In a similar manner, the Islamic zealots occupied the property of Mahatma Ashwini Kumar at Batazore.

39.  On the evening of January 22, 2000, an armed gang of fanatic Muslims swooped on Nityananda Mohanta in a Dhaka road as the latter was returning home. Nityananda was an employee of Finance Department, Bangladesh Govt. The miscreants dispossessed him of cash worth Taka 1000, a gold ring, a gold chain and a wristwatch and fled.

40.  On January 12, 2000, one Swapan Kumar Pal, Thana Nirbahi Karmakarta (TNO), Nagarkanda, Distt. : Faridpur (BD) was involved in an argument over some official matter with local Municipal Commissioner Obaidur Rahman. Obaidur got agitated and severely assaulted Swapan, a defenseless Hindu personnel had to digest the insult quietly.

41.  A Rice-Merchant Monorangan Saha (62 yrs.) and his Assistant Nibash Das (42 yrs.) of Hut-Krishnapur, P.S. Sadarpur, Distt. Faridpur (BD) were forcibly taken out from their business premises on February 11, 2000 in broad day light by a gang of fanatic Muslim and assaulted badly with rifle-butts. Nibash managed his escape, but Saha became unconscious. The miscreants looted cash of over Taka one lakh from Saha and made good their escape.

42.  Detention of minorities without trial was also common in Bangladesh. On Nov 29, 1997 one Tapan Kumar Roy (35), S/O Tarani Kanto Roy of Vill: Kharialdanga, Pashim Debattarpara, P.S. Rajarhat, Distt. Kurigram (BD) was picked up by the police just on suspicion and without any formal charge. It was now nearly 21/2 years that Tapan remained in police custody without any trial or framing of charge Tapan's father moved from pillar to post but to no avail.

43.  Recently, the house property of 'Shohid' and 'Mukti-Joddha' Jyotirmoy Guha Thakurata was partly usurped by two local Muslim goons (Md. Tofazzal Hossain and Zakir Hossain). The present BD Govt. was taking no note of this unfortunate development as it involved a Hindu 'Matyr'.

44.  On the late night of Feb 2, 2000, a group of armed Muslim fanatics trespassed into the house of Madhav Karmakar at Shariatpur Town, Distt. Shariatpur (BD) and started indiscriminately beating up all the inmates, including women and children. Later, the inmates were forcibly put in a pick up van and dropped long distance away. The miscreants occupied the house and did not allow Karmakar family to re-enter the premises. The incident generated strong resentment among local Hindus who held protest procession and meeting. Karmakar was yet to get back his property. An incident showing 'Jungle-Raj' in Bangladesh.

45.  In early January this year a group of armed Muslims tried to assassinate 3 leaders of the Marma tribal community at Khagrachhari in the Chittagang Hill Tracts. This infuriated the local Marmas who organized protest marches on Jan 19; thereafter demand action against the culprits.

46.  In yet another bizarre attack, a gang of armed Islamic goons raided on January 3, 2000 the Jewellery shop of Netai Banik (a Hindu) at Phoolgazi Bazar, PS. Phoolgezi, Distt. Feni (BD) and forcibly took away at gunpoint cash and jewelery worth over Taka one lakh.

47.  A Hindu Jasad leader (Rana Shyam) of vill: Kargram, P.S. Bianibazar, Distt. Sylhet (BD) and a number of other Hindus of the locality were facing harassment and humiliation at the hand of local Muslim fanatics for quite sometime. On the dead of night of January 14, 2000, a big fanatic Muslim armed gang, moving in a van, raided most of the Hindu houses and decamped with huge looted property. Before leaving, the miscreants threatened more such attacks if they did not quit Bangladesh soon.

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