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"Glani"(The Disgrace) was published immediately after the 1992 atrocities and there after being seized to exist. HRCBM has taken the initiative to publish it online. This book has recorded true incidents some of which were published in the national and international newspapers. "Glani" enlisted numerous cases of human rights abuses and barbaric rampage against minorities in Bangladesh during 1992. In that period, Hindus were widely targetted as the victims of racial intolereance and state sponsor terrorism in which rulling party (of that time) was widely involved. Due to file size, we have divided glani in several parts. Please download appropriate sections by clicking on the following urls. Readers must use acrobat reader to read the file. If you donot have the acrobat reader, please download by clicking here.

Part-I of Glani in pdf file format
 File size = 998KB - This section includes: Letter from US congress to Bangladesh PM. News: Bangladesh votes for Muslime rule. Protest in Bangladesh. Article: Unnatural Disasters. News: Organized attacks on minorities. Article: The Disgrace. All these articles and news depicts true fact as it has occurred.

Part-II of Glani
 File size = 484KB - This section includes destruction of temples and state sponsored discrimination etc.

Part-III of Glani
 Under construction, please visit us again.

Part-IV of Glani
 Under construction, please visit us again.

Part-V of Glani
 Under construction, please visit us again.

Thank you for visiting this page. We will soon have the complete "Glani" online. Please visit us again within couple of days. ALSO visit "Why Hindus are Living Their Motherland?"