Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) Donation page for Humanitarian & Human Rights services at Bangladesh
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Gang rape, murder, abduction, land grabbing, xenophobia and other forms of human rights abuses are very common in Bangladesh.
There is no letting up of violence and human rights abuses against minorities in Bangladesh. Reports of wide spread violence against minorities are published in various Bengali national newspapers as well as reported in HRCBM's newspaper "The Human Rights Tribune". 
European Union, Amnesty and other governments and NGOs had stated their grave concern on the situation.
Even during recent flood (July, 2004), many of the minorities were denied of required relief services only because they are minorities. Until HRCBM has started to serve for all, minorities were left among others to die without basic humanitarian services.
The blend of state sponsored discrimination and religious hatred have created a situation in Bangladesh that cannot be solved overnight and a mere campaign of human rights will also not able to comfort the destitute thousands of victims.
There has to be a unique way of addressing the issue and HRCBM is doing exactly that. While it is campaigning for human rights, the organization also provides humanitarian services to the destitute and legal assistance to gang rape women and children.

HRCBM programs are as follows:

  1. Human Rights Advocacy for the community in general
  2. Investigation and Legal Assistance to victims
  3. Rehabilitation through partner Orphanages in Bangladesh
  4. Refugee Rehabilitation through HRCBM chapters and partner organizations in India.
  5. Special care for Gang Rape women and children
  6. General Relief services to victims of nature

Our Relief workers and advocates are working tirelessly. HRCBM cannot serve the mankind without your help. 

Please help us help them.

Send your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation payable to "Bangladesh Minorities Relief Fund" or payable to "HRCBM".
Mail to:
P.O. Box 5493
Santa Clara
CA    95056-5493, USA

Should your prefer to pay online, please do so by clicking either at "Network for Good" icon or "Help save a life" icon.

HRCBM is a 501 C (3) Charitable organization under IRS classification 509 a (2) and henceforth your contribution is fully tax deductible.
Our Tax ID is : 77-0552035. 

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