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To Whom It May Concern

Dear Friends:

Regardless socio-political issues whether this issue or any other issue, I think you will agree with me that violence against women and children cannot be justified.

Women and children, especially girls are very vulnerable prey of vicious brigands.

In Bangladesh where gender based inequality exists, brutally gang raped women and children find their survival quite challenging.  The rise of suicide or self immolation by victimized women is the indication of desperation faced by the victims. Children especially girls on the other end become absolutely traumatized and hang in a limbo emotional imbalance.
Whenever I see pictures of small children especially girls suffering in Bangladesh due brutal violence against them,   what moves and haunts me the most is the bewildered look on their faces. "What happened?" Even the agony of their physical wounds and even loss of family do not seem to surface until later. Then, they sink into melancholy.

The nightmare seems to hunt them for years. They need absolute care and someone next to them before justice being endowed. “Justice”, it is considered a buzz word for the poor and hapless victims. Where corruption grips everything from government to society, where terrorist rules and racial prejudice exists, justice seems to be a luxury commodity for general public. Henceforth, a victim of gang rape to demand justice alone is quite absurd. They need a caring and trustworthy entity such as HRCBM to stand by their side, procure justice while achieving required rehabilitation for them.
What is happening in Bangladesh is a systematic and planned annihilation of minorities in which "Rape" is used as a tool.
"The Guardian" rightfully said "
Rape and torture empties the villages" .

Such methods, otherwise known as the "elements of crime" of genocide that are threatening the very existence of minorities in the country. It is further invigorated by state's disregards on minority rights. In fact, the government of Bangladesh is directly involved in state sponsored discrimination against minorities and allowed political turmoil in the country as the opportunity to let ruling party cadres indulge in violence against minorities.

The first visible sign of this "Untold Genocide" is the continuous violence against minority women and children.

HRCBM, despite all impediments, is standing erect with absolute resolve to procure justice, equal rights and dignity for the minorities in Bangladesh.

We cannot do it alone without your kind and generous contributions and support. Let us work together on it. Let us end the genocide in Bangladesh and give minorities the dignity they do deserve.

Please voice your concern today. Let us stand guard against all odds and protect women and children first. This would be a first step towards achieving the goal of ending human rights abuse against minorities in Bangladesh.


Dhiman Deb Chowdhury
President HRCBM

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