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The Victim Protection Project

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Project Objective
The major issue in Bangladesh is women and children’s rights. There is ongoing violence against women and children in Bangladesh and the number is very alarming. Although the country in general is affected by the ongoing onslaught against women and children (girls), it clearly observed that minority women and children (girls) are subject to extreme and brutal violence in Bangladesh. Their number has already been more than 5000 last year and already been 900 this year.
Although oppression against minority, land grabbing (minority lands are grabbed often by opportunists), state sponsored discrimination and forced internal displacement are common, one of the challenging issue is the rehabilitation of gang rape women and children and to seek justice for them. Due to the nature of the society, gang rape women and girls are left with no choice but to commit suicide. The Human Rights Tribune, a newspaper of HRCBM depicts gruesome stories of gang rape and continuing atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh apart from those available at HRCBM’s main website at . Please visit for further details. It is widely seen that minority women are subject to brutal gang rape and in some cases were forced to become naked in front of public.  Criminals usually treat minority community as their pray since minority victim rarely goes to police fearing persecution.
The victims rarely get rehabilitated or get a hearing in the court. Their plights never been heard. Through this project HRCBM intends to provide legal assistance to procure justice for the destitute as well provide rehabilitation support to the needy. In this effort, HRCBM’s volunteers are informed directly by the parents or villagers once the hapless girl/women become subject to genital mutilation, gang rape or crime of such nature. HRCBM rushes its advocates to rescue the girl/women/children while registering a case with local police station. Once the victim is secured and mentally stable, HRCBM moves its legal action in the local session judge court.

HRCBM legal assistance and rehabilitation program has two phases:
1. Rescue and Rehabilitation of the victim
2. Legal assistance to bring offenders to justice.

HRCBM provides its support in a case by case basis. Each rescued victim is placed in a partner orphanage (with HRCBM’s special care option) where the victim is first given special care and provided food, shelter and education. During this phase HRCBM will inform local administration including police about the crime and file appropriate case in the local police station.

Example, Case: Case number 4(9) 2002 registered at Sonagazi Police Station, Feni Bangladesh.
Online report:  .
Once the victim is mentally stable, HRCBM moves before local session court. Example, as given below:
Victim’s name: Ms. Rupali Das and Ms. Kazali Das
Pending case (Report available): Case on Session judge: Estimated cost Taka 50,000.00 (US$ 1,000.00) for lawyers and court expenses for initial proceedings.
Rehabilitation for Rupali Das and Kazali Das:
Orphanage Placement at Chittagong: TK 2000.00 (US$ 30.00)/month/person. Yearly: US$360.00/person/year. We have provided minimum two years payment to orphanage.
College: US$ 25.00/month/person
Misc: TK 6000.00 (US$ 120.00/year/person)

You can make a difference to destitute women or children's life. Join us, support us and contribute to this project. Help us help them.
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