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Things You Can Do Right Now

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Bangladesh religious and ethnic minorities have endured 75 years of pillaging and massacres. Such genocidal crime cannot be allowed to continues. Join us to educate the world about the plights of Bangladesh Minorities. Every year Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) organize various  activities including peaceful protest rallies, exhibitions, rehabilitation services, parallel and side events of important United Nation activities such as CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) and conferences of UN Human Rights Council to share reports of the human rights abuses against minorities in Bangladesh. Our organization was founded exclusively by volunteers and people who can not stay indifferent to the injustice and discrimination which exist in the Bangladesh society.

Securing Justice

Legal Action

Bangladesh Supreme Court is the highest institution of law in the country and the instrument through which domestic remedies can be sought to ongoing plights of the minorities in Bangladesh. HRCBM in partnership with HPPB filed a PIL (Public Benefit Litigation) to secure justice for country’s minorities. It was our first step towards exhausting domestic remedies. To date justice is not serve despite court’s favourable ruling. HRCBM will continue to explore its legal options until Justice is served.

In Pictures

Mayhem in Bangladesh


16 December 21

50 Years Since December 1971

All are welcome. Show your solidarity for Bangladeshi People.
18 March 22

CSW66 Parallel Event – Persecuted Minority Women and the roles of State and UN

Persecuted Minority Women and the roles of State and UN - CSW66 Parallel Event

Why It Is Important

US Embassy officials stressed the importance of respecting religious minorities’ viewpoints, minority religious inclusion within society, and protecting religious minorities from extremist attacks. 

United States Department of State

Religious Freedom Report

Authorities fail to protect religious minorities, indigenous populations and LGBT people. Women and girls face widespread violence and sexual assault without reliable protection or legal recourse.

Human Rights Watch

A Special Report

Amnesty International has been concerned about the situation of members of the Hindu community in Bangladesh over the past several months.

Amnesty International

A Special Report on the Violence Against Hindu Community in Bangladesh

HRCBM is a human rights and humanitarian services organization. 
We defend and protect rights of marginalized people in Bangladesh.
We serve to those who needs it the most!

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