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(Translated from Bengali)

Left: Rape victim, who has lost her soul alongwith her daughter. Right:A group of women taken refugee at a shelter to save themselves.

Report from Janakantha, Oct 10, 2001: Post election violence and oppression against minority has displaced more than 15 thousands minority families in Barishal and Bagerhat districts. The affected upazilas (sub-districts) are Gournadi, Ujipur, Agailjara, Mullahat and Chitalmari. Hindu minorities from those upazilas are being forced out of their land and taken shelter at various villages in Ramshil upazila under Khotalipara districts. The displaced minorities have taken shelter to various schools and colleges at Ramshil bazaar and their relatives in those areas.

Islamic fundamentalists have initiated a rain of terror forcing minorities to endure living in a nightmare condition in those areas. Janakantha correspondence Mr. Mojammel Haq after visiting the affected areas today (Tuesday) described that the situation is far grave than the atrocities of 1971. Those family even not displaced in 1971, now they are facing far severe condition and being forced out of their own native land. The oppressed minority reported that due their support for Awami league in the election, BNP supporters went on rampage setting ablaze houses and raping women in Chadshi, Bahadurpur, Barthi, Pingolkati, Ashukati, Tarki Bandar, Narchira, and Sharikal under Gournadi and Rangtha, Bakal, Rajihar, Chingatia, Ramshidha, Dhanduba, Jayrampatti under Agailjara upazila and everywhere in Ujipur. With primitive laughter Islamic fundamentalists raped hundreds of women, removed eye of victims and loot all the belongings of minority victims. Such primitive and barbaric atrocities cannot be expressed in words. Mr. Bimal Biswas, a leader of local Awami league described middle age lawlessness and barbaric rampage in the area.

He mentioned that Islamic fundamentalist gang raped mother and her daughters of a Hindu family from Uttachadni under Gournadi upazila in front of public eye. In another incident, three daughters of a minority family were taken out of their house and gang raped publicly by Islamic fundamentalist. He also told to the news conference that BNP cadres kidnapped most of the women and girls from the villages at night, raped them overnight and released them in the morning. Janakantha has also reported that Bangladesh government has not taken any step to prevent such atrocities nor has provided food and shelter to the thousands of victims. If food and shelter is not given immediately, most of the displaced families will starve from lack of food and water.

15 thousands minority families displaced
A report from Janakantha dated Oct 10, 2001
This report is published in Janakantha dated oct 10, 2001 in Bengali. Please read the second page of the Bengali report. Please click here to download the complete Bengali report.
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