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The Bangladesh Foreign Ministry (External Affairs) has lodged a formal complaint with its Indian counterpart, against the ‘Mayer Dak‘ newspaper. In a letter written to the Indian External Affairs Ministry, it requested the Indian government to take appropriate actions to ban the newspaper. In that letter, it has been mentioned  “This publication is spreading disinformation about Bangladesh in India and internationally.” The newspaper’s editor has been identified as a citizen of Bangladesh by the same government. The ministry suggested its Indian counterpart not to make “too much noise” about this, but has implored it to take concrete steps to dismantle the publication. Several months ago, the Council of Press of Bangladesh’s Consulate in Calcutta, Mr. Abu Tayeb threatened the editor of this paper by phone. The newspaper’s editor commented, “We won’t submit to any kind of pressure, the newspaper will continue as it is. We will promote the paper further internationally”.

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