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The Forgotten Genocide

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HRCBM’s upcoming documentary sheds light on the often-overlooked tragedy of the 1971 genocide, revealing the staggering loss of over 3 million lives and the harrowing accounts of 40,000 women who suffered sexual violence. Through powerful storytelling and archival footage, the film aims to raise awareness and honor the memory of those who perished, ensuring their stories are never forgotten.
You can make a difference by supporting our efforts to honor the victims and survivors through your donations. Your contribution will help fund further research, education initiatives, and advocacy efforts to ensure that this tragic chapter of history is recognized and remembered. Together, let’s stand against genocide and support the cause of justice and remembrance.

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Note: Due to Youtube age-restriction. The 1971 video must be viewed directly at Youtube .

On the 50th anniversary of the Bangladesh Independence, HRCBM and other community organization at Washington DC area arranged a protest rally in front of Pakistan Embassy at Washington DC. The rally was held on March 25, 2021. During the protest rally HRCBM, Washington area community organizations and Bangladeshi diaspora demanded the recognition and repatriation of 1971 Genocide and formal apology from the government and military of Pakistan for their crime against humanity. 

Brutal Killings and Genocidal Rapes

On March 25, 1971, the Pakistan military launched “Operation Searchlight” what later became a 10-month long of selective killing of Hindus, ethnic minorities, Muslim intellectual and Awami League (a political party which was running independence movement) in East Pakistan (Today’s Bangladesh). The onslaught of Pakistani Army and their cohorts killed more than 3 Million People and brutally committed genocidal rapes of more than 500,000 women and girls. Many of whom are Bengali Hindus. The killings and genocidal rape that was committed by Pakistani Army in East Pakistan is one of the largest genocide in the world. 

The killings and genocidal rape that was committed by Pakistani Army in East Pakistan is one of the largest genocides in the world. Yet, this genocide till date not recognize.   

Re-Introduce H. Res. 1430 in the 118th Congress, recognizing the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971

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  • Pran
    Posted April 23, 2021

    This is great research that needs to be discussed and criminals should be held accountable.

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