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Genocidal Crimes

Unbounded atrocities of recent years

The ideology of radical Islam on the basis of which Pakistani Army and their cohorts went on slaughtering on Hindus and Muslim intellectuals during 1971 is still prevailing in Bangladesh. In fact, the said ideology re-emerged  soon after the death of country’s founder “Shiekh Majibur Rahman”. Hindus and other minorities were victimized and continue to be victimize till date. Radical Islam found patronage at government levels and some of the main political parties have encouraged islamists to pillage minority women, business, properties and temples.
Continued persecutions have pushed minorities on the brink and the following demographic chart is a clear indication of minority annihilation especially Hindus in Bangladesh.

Hindu population decline
Rapid decline of Hindu population in Bangladesh.

First Post recently published a report on October 16, 2021 in which persecution was stated as one of the major causal factors of minority exodus from Bangladesh. The newspaper stated:

There are a number of causal factors of minority specifically Hindus exodus from Bangladesh that includes the followings as depicted in the figure below:

  • State Sponsored Discrimination
  • Official within government bodies influencing islamists or directly involve in discrimination and attacks against Minorities.
  • The patronage of state and major political parties that emboldens group preaching radical Islam to attack minorities in Bangladesh. 
  • Forced displacement of minorities from their properties.
  • Forced Conversion including kidnapping Hindu and other minority girls and converting them to Islam forcefully.
  • Discriminatory Law such as Vested Property Act: The repeal of the act remains ineffective to protect minorities from losing their properties.
  • Reluctance of the state to enforce law when it comes to widespread attack against country’s minorities.
Causal factors of minority exodus in Bangladesh

The above mentioned causal factors and the actions of embolden islamists who periodically find ways to kill minority men and threaten them, pillage on minority women, girls, businesses, homes and temples, are root of rapid decline of minority population in Bangladesh. 

These evil design to annihilate hindus and other minorities came to fore when a radical Islamist went in rampage across the country killing hindu men, raping hindu women and pillaging hindu businesses, homes and temples. 

Islamists first placed the holy book of Islam in a puja pandal and then spread rumors through Mosques and social media that hindus have disacrated the holy “Quran” by placing it at the footstool of their deity. As part of the design, islamists went on rampage across the country attacking hindus. The massive scale of attacks across the country was unprecedented in scale. Due to the evidence of attacks posted in social media, some of the international authorities took notice of the atrocities, urging the Bangladesh government to bring perpetrators to justice. Here is a statement from USCIRF.


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