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Small theatrical groups protest at Faridpur, Bangladesh
Cultural organizations of Faridpur arranged a protest to demand the immediate arrest of criminals who murdered two brothers in Faridpur, Bangladesh.

Faridpur, Bangladesh. Two brothers Sujan Biswas (17) and Haradhon Biswas (20) belonging to Hindu minority community in Bangladesh were brutally murdered. It is alleged that local police investigative officer has not taken any steps to apprehend the criminal nor investigate the murder. In recent years, murders of Hindu men and women, kidnapped of Hindu girls and pillaging of Hindu homes, businesses and places of worship are increased at alarming level. In October, Islamists orchestrated mass attacks against country’s dwindling Hindu minorities across the country killing 15 Hindu men, gang raped 5 women, sexually assaulted more than 500 women and girls and pillaged homes, businesses and temples. In the attack, ruling party cadres also joined while law enforcement agencies remained idle spectators.

Similar to many other cases across Bangladesh, Faridpur police remain inactive to arrest the murderers of Sujan and Haradhon. To protest against this inaction, small cultural organizations arranged a rally in front of Faridpur press club demanding immediate arrest of the perpetrators. Among those who spoke in the protest rally included members of small cultural organization Gurupada Biswas, Subod Malo, Tarok Mondal, Gobinda Biswas, Monindra Biswas, Kali Rani Biswas, Jasim Bepari and others. The organizers of the protest rally also submitted their written demands for the immediate arrest of the criminals at the office of additional district commissioner. 

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