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hindu men and women are arrested in false pretext

Bangladesh enforces digital security act as blasphemy law to subjugate minorities

Minority Hindu men, women, boys and girls are arrested under Digital Security Act (DSA) on the false pretext of misinformation and blasphemy charges. Most of them are lingering in jail due to religious prejudice in the Bangladesh justice system. Bangladesh government claims it has passed digital security act (DSA) to curtail racism, terrorism and terrorist propaganda.…

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Prime suspect, accomplice confess to instigating communal violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

Courtesy: The India Express. This news is collected unabridged from the India Express newspaper and furnished here unabridged. The collection here in this page is for easier access by the viewers and as such it doesnot violates copyright laws and used only as an alternative to url redirect. For original news, please visit:  .   Chaos…

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