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Ramgarh, Khagrachari (Monday, 25th June 2000): For the second time in recent months, Bengali Muslims have again attacked tribal villages in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The clashes erupted after the killing of a Bengali Muslim truck driver reportedly by the tribal freedom fighters.

The situation at Ramgarh of Khagrachhari district remains tense after Monday’s clashes between the Bengali Muslim settlers and the tribal people in which over 30 people were injured and at least five tribal villages were set on fire.

An uncontrolled Bengali Muslim mob went on rampage as a follow up attack setting ablaze Buddhist Temple and hundreds minority houses in four villages of Ramgarh. Report says, fearing violence hundreds of Marma tribes have taken refuge to the neighboring state of Tripura, Indian. According to some report, the situation is tense and all shops of Ramgarh remained closed for two days whilst Police and BDR personnel are patrolling the streets. Section-144 has been clamped and gathering of more than five people is banned.

In another development, Indian Border Security Forces on Tuesday sent 31 members of the Marma Community back to Bangladesh. These people crossed the border into India after Monday’s clashes. BDR officials have sent the Marmas to their respective villages. Exodus of Tribal from Bangladesh has become very widespread. In recent years, thousands of tribal were forced to leave Chittagong hill tracts and have taken refuge to Indian state of Tripura. The signed Chittagong peace treaty has not yet been fully implemented and as a result ongoing conflict between Bengali Muslim settlers and Tribal are forcing Indigenous people to leave their own land.

Meanwhile, Parbatya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samity, PCJSS has called hartal on Wednesday in three will districts in protest against the Ramgarh incident.

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