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Minority Rights Group International, a Sweden based human rights organization with presence in 150 countries prepared a report regarding state of minorities in Bangladesh. This report provides the following key findings:

  1. Since 2013, Bangladesh has been hit by a series of violent incidents targeting, among other groups, its religious minorities. Whether authored by domestic militant groups or by international armed extremist organizations such as Islamic State (IS), who have claimed responsibility for many of these incidents, the authorities have singularly failed to protect its Ahmadi,
    Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Shi’a Muslim communities from these attacks, as well as regular incidents of communal violence.
  2. For these groups, who alongside atheists have borne the brunt of these attacks, this violence is the latest chapter in a long history of discrimination. Despite the promise of independence in 1971 and the passing of a secularist Constitution the following year, in the ensuing years an increasingly restrictive religious nationalism has sidelined Bangladesh’s minorities as
    second-class citizens within their own country.
  3. Consequently, though the recent violence has highlighted how vulnerable minorities are to attacks, their situation is also informed by wider structural issues within Bangladeshi society, including political marginalization, social prejudice and economic opportunism. The variety of abuses they experience, from forced abduction and sexual assault to land
    grabbing and arson, have occurred within a broader climate of impunity.
  4. Though better protection of minorities by law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities is essential – especially as many previous abuses appear to have been carried out with their involvement – a wider process of social transformation is also needed, with authorities investing greater efforts to challenge stereotypes and champion respect for all beliefs. This
    requires an environment that nurtures rather than represses freedoms, while ensuring the basic right to religious expression – a right that, in the current context of Bangladesh, is increasingly under threat.

The report discusses historical background and current situation of Bangladesh Minorities depicting the true plights of minorities who have endured nearly a century of plundering, destruction and violence against the community. Interested learning more, please download the full report here.

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  • salim.ullah
    Posted December 21, 2022

    the report under reference do not reflect the true state of affairs, that the majority are in fact 2nd class citizen due to special protection for the minority from the nearest cross border domination since inception, while majority are subject to extreme HR abuse by the unelected ruling party having special understanding with external force, that deserve open investigation by the international community said to be civilized & democratic.

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