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(Translated from Bengali)

No where to go, the elderly women sits alone in the desolated land
Report from Janakantha, Oct 12, 2001 (Special correspondent report from Bagerhat): Minority houses and adjacent area of Rampal’s Prasadnagar is now a desolated land. BNP and Jamat led continuous atrocities have evicted all minorities from the area. The same situation is in the Nolbunia village.

Eyewitness says, a number of cases being logged but police are not providing any protection. One of the police officer stated there is no order yet from administration to take action against the miscreants. Armed cadres of BNP and Jamat are now committing the rampage openly. In some incidents the miscreants attacked minority in disguise, otherwise the identity of these criminals are known to the local government. There were reports that hundreds unruly miscreants led by BNP and Jamat leaders including personnel from police and local administration went on rampage in Gouramba. Some believe police is also involved since they are safe guarding the leaders. Gouramba is only thirty kilometer away from Khulna metropolitan and yet district administration claimed they are not acquainted about atrocities in Gouramba.

Khulna is on the bank of Rupsa river, once you cross the river, Gouramba is only 30 kilometer from Rupsha Bus stand. The cadres of four party alliance killed local AL leader at Gouramba bazaar while pissing on the victim’s mouth just the day before we visited the place, Janakantha reported stated. The barber killed him in front of the family member with primitive laughter. When we reached Prashad nagar of Gouramba union by boat, we did not find a single minority people, says Janakantha reporter. Most of the minority people are vagabond now running from place to place.

Some minority people complained that police have also tortured them and kept them waiting for hours while the victims went to impart about the atrocities in the local police stations. Janakantha reporter has noticed the same situation in Hurka, Rajnagar, Ujalpur, Purikali, Baintala, Burirdanga and others village unions. Local administration is neither proving protection nor they are rehabilitating the displaced people. One report says authority has threatened the displaced minority to return to their villages or face arrest charges.

Vicious Brigand’s Hamlet. Nolbunia is now a desolated land: Rape and atrocity everywhere.
A report from Janakantha dated Oct 12, 2001
This report is published in Daily Janakantha dated oct 12, 2001 in Bengali. Please read page six. Please click here to download the complete Bengali report.
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